Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles

I really enjoyed this book. It felt like i was reading another version of Jamie McGuire - Beautiful Disaster, which I LOVE. This book is good but i did get distracted by other things quite a bit. I normally judge a book on how well it is written, how much i can relate to the characters and how well it holds my attention. If i can read this book whilst in a loud cafeteria and not get distracted then i know it is good. This one did fail to keep me engrossed throughout the book. This is why it loses a star.

Olivia Beaumont was an exceptional character and i felt like i could sympathise with her character. I especially loved her willingness to move on with her life which i fail to see in many books written about abuse. The delicate way in which that part of the plot was handled made it part of the story but it didn't overshadow the rest of the book. This was very well written.

Braxton Jenkins wasn't my favorite character. I mentioned earlier that this book reminded me of Beautiful Disaster and Brax is the reason why. I couldn't help but compare him to Travis Maddox and he failed to meet my expectations. 

Overall, i did enjoy the book and finished it with relish, but it did lose me at points. I give this book 4/5.

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