Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Game Plan (Neighbor from Hell #5) - R.L. Mathewson

The Game Plan (Neighbor from Hell, #5)

Spend the next 40 years in prison or break her lease early? 
Normally she’d be able to say that this one was a no-brainer, but things have definitely changed since she was forced to move in across the hall from Danny Bradford. 
A lot of things…… 
She wanted to get through one day, just ONE day without Danny Bradford doing something to test the limits to her control, but with that damn smile of his and his habit of leaving her contemplating manslaughter, she didn’t see that happening anytime soon. 
He loved his family, but some days……. 
It was too much, but that was okay, because his small neighbor living across the hallway provided him with endless hours of entertainment. Not on purpose of course, but did it really matter as long she made him smile?

As some of you may know, I am a huge R.L. Mathewson fan. I couldn't wait for this book.

The book follows Jodi (Tinkerbelle), a cute, short, blonde librarian with an aversion to antihistamines and Danny, a Bradford and ex-Marine with a strong inclination to tease his neighbour.

Tinkerbelle, I would have to say, had me laughing the most. It is usually the male characters, but this book was different. I felt like there was a lot more going on in this book compared to the others. The relationship between Danny and his father had a key role in this book.

I am running out of adjectives to describe these books.

I would love to know what happens in these restaurants, we got a little insight, now I need more. I also want a whole book based on Trevor and Zoe's' kids. their scenes are awesome. The only bad things I have to say about this book, is that I want a little more Jason and I have to wait a while or the next book.

Overall, a funny, heartwarming and all-round amazing read. A definite recommendation.

5/5 stars.

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