Saturday, 6 September 2014

Importance of Book Covers

I believe book covers are immensely important. It is the first thing that you see and it is the thing that draws you in. We all judge the book based on the cover and it is usually a good thing because it gives you an insight into what the book is going to be like.

For me, typography is really important. If the text on the page looks good an fits the genre and the book well, it is a job well done. If you look at this cover...

the typography is awesome. It is bright and was the thing that caught my eye. It tells you that it is a book for younger people and tells you that there is a twist in the story.

I am a huge Colleen Hoover fan. I Love her books. The American covers for her books are amazing.


The UK covers, which are the one's that I own are not amazing. Frankly I hate them. They do not embody the genre or the feel of the books. The typography is bad and makes the books look like they are made for the older generation, when in fact they are New Adult books.


For Maybe Someday and Ugly Love, the image, however beautiful it is, had nothing to do with the book itself. The font used for the authors name is usually used on Chick Lit Adult books.

The one that disappointed me the most was the cover for Hopeless. I looks like it is an adult books and the image on the front has nothing to do with the book itself.

However, there are are some UK covers which I prefer. An example of this is the cover for Graceling by Kristin Cashore.


Another think which is really important is consistency in book covers of, for example, trilogies. We all like the way books look on our shelves and when there is the odd book which doesn't fit, it aggravates me. The idea that book covers suddenly have to change on the last book is beyond me.

I understand that you need to update the covers but do it after the last book comes out. One example is the Lux series books. the first four books were these amazing covers that went do well on my shelves, then the covers changed before the last book came out and I do not like them.

I also understand that it is the publishers that have the say in these things to I do not blame the authors in any way, but it is a make or break thing. I have to be honest and say that if I saw the new book covers on Goodreads, I would not have clicked on it to look further into them. That would have been awful because they were the first JLA books I ever read and i may never have discovered her if were not for the amazingly good-looking guy and all round amazing cover.

Opposition (Lux, #5) new                         Obsidian (Lux, #1) old

I think that I have vented enough. Please leave a comment and tell me how you feel on these things.

There are links to all the books (Goodreads), and authors (Blogs) mentioned.

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