Monday, 3 November 2014

Tall, Silent & Lethal (Pyte/Sentinel 4) - R.L. MAthewson

This is the book that will change it all…….
Never again……
Christofer lives by those words while Cloe would rather die by them……..
Too many years living on the run, of always being seen as nothing more than a monster and a freak, has left Christofer cold and distant. He hates his life, his fate, but he’s made promises and nothing on earth will stop him from keeping them….
Except for the woman that invades his world, takes him by surprise, aggravates him, gives him hope and makes him wish that things could be different, but they can’t…….
Not unless he’s willing to risk everything.
Cloe doesn’t need anyone, doesn’t want any complications, but things quickly change when she accepts a job that destroys her world and brings her the one thing that she never thought she’d find again….

I am a huge fan of R.L. Mathewson's writing, especially her male characters. Christofer did not disappoint. Although he is not my favourite in this series (that has to go to Ephraim), he was everything you expect in a Mathewson male. 

There was a lot more going on in this book than the others and I loved that. Kale had a larger role to play and so did the other Shifters. I felt sorry for Chris. He was everyone's punching bag in this book. 

The reason that this book is not getting 5/5, is because I found it hard to like 
Chloe. She did annoy me at some points of the book. AND THE ENDING!?! What on earth?????????

I would totally recommend this book to everyone. PLEASE READ THIS. IT IS AMAZING.

4/5 stars

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